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Revoseal Europe GmbH

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We are revoseal

Awesome applications require awesome gaskets

The productivity of a system decides on its competitiveness – in particular in international process industries. In the chemical, petrochemical, gas production and related sectors, the small and almost invisible elements of a facility or a column are playing a crucial role; we are talking about gaskets. Their technology, quality and durability decide on productivity or downtime.

revoseal is partner of the process industry for extraordinarily efficient gaskets and with this in mind has taken over the products, patents and technical know-how of the company Jungtec.

At revoseal the innovative capacity, quality and technology of Jungtec are combined with international service, professional key-accounting and technical expertise for sector-specific requirements also in pharma and food.

At their Cologne location revoseal invests in research and development thus providing for a sustainable basis needed for further continuous improvement of the products as well as expansion of the portfolio in the near future.

محصولات و خدمات

Revoseal Revolution: The Revolution gasket is an embossed flat profile gasket consisting of a flexible stainless steel carrier and encapsulated graphite or PTFE on both sides. Revolution is the alternative to all conventional flat gasket types.

Revoseal JG/JP:The internationally patented geometry of outer and inner cogging completely encapsulates the graphite or PTFE layers. The tooth geometry has been calculated in such a way that even at using low quality bolts an ideal compression of the graphite layers and a double metallic sealing can be achieved.

Universal centering system Vario:The Vario centering system avoids misapplication and at the same time reduces the number of gasket types to be available from stock and increases the system availability.The form of the centering segments allows balancing for different outside diameters.

There is no risk of confusion or getting off-centre. Time-consuming positioning by means of anti-fatigue shaft screws is no longer necessary.

اخبار و نوآوری ها

Revolution TG 

Revoseal Europe GmbH developed a Revolution gasket for tongue and groove application with installation flap. Available with Graphite and alternatively with PTFE layers.

High sealability will be achieved with low seating stress and due to the installation flap the seal can easily be positioned and removed.

Thus avoiding time and cost intensive seal deinstallation and groove cleaning. No graphite residues and no product contamination. Available also with FDA conformability.

تماس ها

Revoseal Europe GmbH
Industriestr. 1
50259 Pulheim

تلفن: +49 2238 479990
فکس: +49 2238 4799920

Friedrich Gueldenberg
Sale & Marketing Manager
تلفن: +49 175 9618339

No.56, Rezvan Alley, Vosough St., Oshan Blv., Artesch Ave.

تلفن: +98 21 22484970
فکس: +98 21 22468770

PEM Tower, Dasgerdi Av, Africa Blvd.

تلفن: +98 21-88792420
فکس: +98-21-88792495

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