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TIB Chemicals Business Unit PROTEGOL Coating Systems manufactures and markets corrosion protection Systems based on two component liquid epoxies, polyurethanes and polyurea for the Oil, Gas and Water industry.

Factory or shop applied coatings for valves, fittings, bends and elbows and online coating in the pipe mill. Field or on-site application for new constructions such as compressor stations, coating of field Joints or valves and other pipe components. 
Amor coatings for HDD sections and piling pipes. 

Supply of high Performance innovatitve sytems for the internal and external protection, TIB Chemicals offers custom-made Solutions. PROTEGOL corrosion protection Systems for steel and ductile pipes and pipe components for the Oil and Gas Industry, as well as for potable water Pipelines. 

PROTEGOL is the registered Trademark of TIB Chemicals, Mannheim/Germany.

محصولات و خدمات

  • PROTEGOL UR Coating 32-55
  • PROTEGOL UR Coating 32-55 PN
  • PROTEGOL UR Coating 32-60

Polyurethane based anticorrosion systems, fulfill DIN EN ISO 10290 "Steel tubes and fittings for onshore and off shore Pipelines - External applied liquid polyurethane and polyurethane-modified coatings" . For field Joint coatings with Polyurethane: ISO 21809-3

PROTEGOL EP Coating 32-89 S 
Epoxy based anticorrosion System, fulfill DIN EN ISO 10289 

PROTEGOL EP Flow Coat 08 
Friction reduction coatings for the interior of on-/offshoere Pipelines for non-corrosive gases: ISO 15741: 2001, or API RP 5L2:2002.

PROTEGOL UR32-55 online application

PROTEGOL UR32-55 online application

Pipeline blasting unit in the back, in front pipe rotation, pipes are fixed on both pipe ends, with the advantage that pipes with different diameter can be coated in the coating section..
The automatic spray head is passing the pipe, while the pipe is rotating.
A single layer in homogeous film thickness is appled in one operation. Required coating thickness Minimum 1,5 mm;

Compressor station: Protection of uncoated section with liquid PROTEGOL polyurethane coating

Compressor station: Protection of uncoated section with liquid PROTEGOL polyurethane coating

HIgh Performance coating material applied after commission of pipe components, valves and fittings.
One coating System applied onto the uncoated sections, achieving a
single layer of PROTEGOL coating. A 100 % solid Systems, direct applied on the Sa 2 1/2 cleaned steel surface. No primer required.

Field Joint Coatng: PROTEGOL UR Coating 32-55 PN - automatic application with spray ring

Field Joint Coatng: PROTEGOL UR Coating 32-55 PN - automatic application with spray ring

Application of multi component liquid polyurethane coating in a coating thickness of minimum 1,5 mm dft.
Automatic application allows consistent, high quality repeatable application onsite.
Be capable of very short application cycle times.
Fast cure of the product, permits rapid ditching of the pipe into the trench, for immediate back-filling.
Time for application is below 3 minutes, which ensures high production rates.

تماس ها

TIB Chemicals AG
Muelheimer Str. 16–22
68219 Mannheim

تلفن: +49 621 8901812
فکس: +49 621 8901902

Rainer Kuprion
Director Business Unit PROTEGOL Coating Sytems
تلفن: +49 621 8901812

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