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We are a German based ISO-9001 certified manufacturer and solutions provider for industrial and municipal fluid / gas flow and level measurement equipment.

In 2002 MECON succeded the former TURBO WERK MESSTECHNIK and built upon that company’s 75 years of German engineering tradition with new technologies and innovative product designs.

Our core competence lies in fluid flow and level measurement. We offer a wide variety of instruments based on mechanical as well as electromagnetic principles. 

Our product offering includes field-proven value solutions. At the same time we are flexible enough to work with our customers on special fit-for-purpose design adaptations.

محصولات و خدمات

In 2002 established MECON emerged from the takeover of a 75-year-old traditional engineering company TURBOWERK MESSTECHNIK adding new technologies and innovative product designs. MECON produces mechanical and electrical flowmeters for different applications. 

The product range of the company:

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeters
  • Variable Area Flowmeters
  • Baffle Plate Flowmeters
  • Orifice Flowmeters
  • Flap Flowmeters
  • Flow Controllers
  • Level Measurement

The latest product innovation is a fully automatic sludge separation system for waste water treating mills. 

In the fire protection sector, MECON is the only supplier who is able to offer one device with three approvals. The Turbo-Lux® 3 is the world's only flowmeter for sprinkler systems that has FM Global, VdS and now also LPCB certification.

MECON also acts as an OEM supplier for wellknown companies in Terms of Special products.



RE 250 flowmeters with their all-metal design are excellent solutions for measuring flows under demanding conditions. These devices have both, high resistance to pressure (up to 400 bar/5800 psi) and temperature (up to +300 °C/+572 °F) and they withstand corrosive media.

Magnetic spring contact(s)
Inductive contact(s)
Analog current output 4-20mA
Float damping

mag-flux A

mag-flux A

Our mag-flux A type flow sensors are precision measurement devices, suitable for determining the flow rates of nearly any electrically conductive liquid – including substances such as sludge, pulp and paste.
Due to its pulsed constant field (DC) magnetic field technology, the instrument can measure flow rates up to 10 m/s (32.8 ft/s) at a minimum liquid conductivity of 3 µS/cm with high precision and drift free.



The sensor of our level indicators mainly consists of a standpipe and a specially designed float with a built-in magnet.

The medium enters the standpipe via the lower port. The level in the standpipe will always be balanced with the liquid level in the vessel and the position of the float inside the standpipe will correspond to the liquid level inside the vessel.

Every position change of the float ( = rising or falling level inside the vessel) is transmitted via a magnetic coupling system.

اخبار و نوآوری ها

Turbo-Lux 3 

The Turbo-Lux ®  3 is the world's only flowmeter for sprinkler systems that has FM Global, VdS and now also LPCB certification. | » مقیاس های دیگر 

AMSYS - the fully automated sludge Liquor extraction System, capable of full Integration into your existing process control System. 

Capable of full integration into your existing process control system fully automatic and reliable control System the operating personnel of the sewage treatment plant are themselves able to adjust the entire system to the specific requirements of the facility precise measurement tec...| » مقیاس های دیگر 

تماس ها

Roentgenstr. 105
50169 Kerpen

تلفن: +49 172 4179600
فکس: +49 2237 6000640

Michael Juech
Marketing and Sales Director
تلفن: +49 172 4179600

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