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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. E. Vogelsang

شماره غرفه: 38B.2452

درباره ما

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. E. Vogelsang has been founded in the year 1925.
With our corrosion protection products we offer security for supply lines for the transport of long-distance heating, gas, water and waste water. Beside cold and warm applications we provide with our shrinking technique a multiplicity of individual applications. We supply additionally a broad spectrum of accessories and tools, e.g. brushing systems and wrapping machines. 

We produce approx. 500.000 m2 corrosion protective tapes per year.

Besides the product range for anticorrosive material our field of activity covers the production of cable protection pipes and accessories for the telecommunication sector.

Today we are cooperating with 30 international partners and supply our products vastly beyond the European frontiers

Our continuously rising presence on international trade fairs strengthens our relationships. With a turnover of 30 mio €/year, 120 employees and an export rate of 28% we belong to the leading companies in Germany.

محصولات و خدمات

Beside the production of cable protection ducts (material PE-HD, PVC and PP) for the telecommunication and energy industry we are also successful with our products for the sealing technique with permanently plastic materials for the sealing of cavities and wall ducts. 

We also fabricate high-quality products for the corrosion protection with various options for individual applications.

Our range comprises petrolatum, bitumen and plastics tape system with 1, 2 and 3-tape systems for the cold application.
With the vast portfolio of shrinkable products we offer e.g. sleeves for welded joints, flanges, tyton-sockets and shrinkable tapes as well as heat shrinkable components for fittings. We also deliver the complete program for the work at construction sites like tools for the installation of our products. 

Our technicians assist our customers with recommendations, product-related application trainings and support in all questions around corrosion protection.

System Testo C 50-C

System Testo C 50-C

Cold applied corrosion protection system on butl rubber basis

Evo-Universal Tape

Evo-Universal Tape

Warm applied 1-tape system on bitumen basis

Vogelsang Shrinkable Sleeve

Vogelsang Shrinkable Sleeve

Warm applied sleeve on butyl rubber basis

اخبار و نوآوری ها

High temperature corrosion protection products 

With our most recent product, the Vogelsang shrinkable sleeve SM C 80 HT and the Evolen-tape B 80-C HT, we have developed two systems that are designed for continuous operation temperatures up to 80°C and fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 12068, ISO 21809-3 and ASTM D 1000.

After 7 days waiting time the peel strength at 80°C complies with DIN EN 12068.

Advantage: we use for our shrinkable products butyl rubber instead of melt adhesive.

  • no heating of the pipe during the installation
    hot melt: normally heating the pipe up to 50°C
  • cleaning by brush (up to DN 600)
  • hot melt: blasted surface Sa 2 ½
  • simple installation of butyl rubber products: no need for a primer

Our shrinkable products are designed on the surface with a special indicator with a shaped structure. Becoming smooth, this indicator shows the correct termination of the installation.

For the simplification of work, our cold-applied tapes OP1 und OP2 may be used completely without primer in order to come to a faster application.

تماس ها

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. E. Vogelsang
Industriestr. 2
45699 Herten

تلفن: +49 2366 80080
فکس: +49 2366 800888

Kai-Uwe Summerer
Chief Consultant
تلفن: +49 171 1455877

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