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REMBE GmbH Safety + Control

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REMBE® is the safety specialist for pressure relief and explosion safety. It provides customers in all industries with safety systems for their plants and equipment. All products are made in Germany and meet the standards of national and international regulatory requirements. REMBE® customers include market leaders of numerous sectors; amongst these are also the oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and wood industries.

REMBE® takes a comprehensive approach, primarily developing and making its own products while also providing the relevant consultancy, engineering and service.

محصولات و خدمات

Signalling unit NIMU
REMBE’s signalling device NIMU (Non-Invasive Monitoring Unit) provides non-invasive monitoring with reliable information on a rupture disc. Installed in a blind hole in the disc holder that isolates it from the process medium allowing easy service without opening the pressure system; it is particularly suited for processes requiring the entire system to be impermeable. 
NIMU can be integrated into an existing process control system to suit all certification and zoning requirements.

Rupture disc KUB®
REMBE KUB® is a unique reverse acting rupture disc using the buckling-pin principle engineered and positioned by state-of-the-art laser technology to respond to pressures giving end users discs for their plants safe in the knowledge that rogue emissions are now eliminated. The KUB® has no mechanical scoring, a standard operating ratio of up to 98% combined with a broad range of pressures and nominal sizes, suitable for gas, liquid and two phase flow applications make the KUB® absolutely unique.

تماس ها

REMBE GmbH Safety + Control
Gallberweg 21
59929 Brilon

تلفن: +49 2961 74050

James Hay
Senior Consultant
تلفن: +49 2961 7405156

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