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About us

FAUDI GmbH is a well-known, world-wide operating company for industrial filtration solutions. FAUDI’s product range comprises filters and automatic filter systems for refinery applications, petrochemical, chemical and water treatment industries, on- and offshore.

The process cycles of our equipment are fully automatic, supporting and simplifying operational procedures. Many years of process experience, more than 125.000 installed filter systems and the exclusive use of high-quality components are the main reasons why equipment made by FAUDI is reliable, safe and long lasting.

Products and services

Filtration and Separation in value-adding processing technologies world wide - that is FAUDI’s business for more than 75 years. We serve

  • Hydrocarbon processing industries like oil refining, gas processing petrochemical processing, liquid hydrocarbon products storage and loading
  • Chemical processing, fertilizer production and water-related applications 
  • Oil & gas field processing and gas & oil pipeline related applications, on-shore and off-shore both

Our supply is covering the whole range of product complexity, from stand-alone manual filter up to skid-mounted automatic Filtration and Separation Packages. Based on our experience in design, engineering and fabrication, and due to our advanced internals, our products stand for high performance, reliability and safety, especially under heavy process condition and in harsh environments.

Feedstock Filtration for Reactor Catalyst Protection with Modular Filter Systems RSFA

Feedstock Filtration for Reactor Catalyst Protection with Modular Filter Systems RSFA

Catalytic cracking systems in hydrotreaters or hydrocrackers operate with solid catalyst beds. Contaminants in the hydrocarbon feed like coke fines and pipe scale lead to fouling of the catalyst beds. The professional filtration with automatic backflushable Modular Filter Systems extends the life cycle of high grade catalyst beds in refineries and protects against premature system down-times. State of the art gas supported backflush technologies are available for excellent cleaning results.

Natural Gas Conditioning with FAUDI Filter and Separator Systems

Natural Gas Conditioning with FAUDI Filter and Separator Systems

Being a specialist in the field of filtration and separation of solid and liquid impurities out of gas streams, we built Gas Filters, Liquid Separators, Cyclones, Vane Separators, Coalescers, Mesh Pad Separators and Activated Carbon Adsorbers. These individually designed products are able to separate all liquids and solids with high efficiency by using separation methods like separation by gravity, coalescing, separation by centrifugal forces, separation by momentum, filtration and adsorption.

Seawater Filtration with Backflush Filters Type RSF

Seawater Filtration with Backflush Filters Type RSF

The use of seawater as process- or cooling water within the on-/offshore industry is usually connected with major contamination issues that have damaging effects upon downstream system components like heat exchangers, etc. In order to prevent negative effects in respect to plant functions, the seawater must be filtered. For this application the Backflush Filter RSF30 is well suited. In combination with our Multi Media Filter AKF62 the treated seawater can be used for injection into reservoirs.


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Shakiba Gulf Consulting
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